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Following are comments, thanks and testimonials from some of my clients. In respect for their privacy, they are referenced on a first name basis or as initials only. I hope you soon will be the next one to contribute ...


I have worked with you for over a year and am so amazed (and proud) of how much I've grown.  I couldn't have done it without you.  Gently and consistently you have helped keep me on track and supported me through some tough decisions.  Since I've known you I have bought and sold a house, ended a relationship that was going no where, and lost 50 pounds!!!  The amazing thing is that these were all big things but you helped me see how, step by step, I could succeed.  I'm so grateful to have found you.  You are the compass that guides me to where I want to go.
- Kim -

When I first began working with Caroline, I was starting a new chapter in my life, and was overwhelmed and unsure about which direction I wanted to take. The Core Values workshop and subsequent one-on-one sessions helped me to focus, decide on a plan and be accountable to someone for each step in its execution. Caroline is an ideal coach in that she reflects your words back to you, holding a mirror up to self-defeating attitudes and behaviors without passing judgement or dispensing unwelcome advice. The sessions were well organized and I always left with short term goals and deadlines which kept me on track.
- Naomi -

flowerHi! Just wanted you to see your wonderful influence in action: a resolve to keep beautiful flowers just because they make me happy, and not only me, everyone! :)
They bring me great peace and joy, they are lovely and inspiring.
- Catherine -

Caroline is an awesome coach! Her direct and forthright style is extremely refreshing and quite effective. And her energy is so exciting. Caroline helped me see how a past experience was limiting my perspective and coloring my choices. Her instincts were right on, as she kept me on point and helped me stay focused. Caroline held me to my agenda until I could clearly see resolution. With her expertise, I was able to formulate a plan to release old feelings and move into the future, clear headed and confident. Thanks so much Caroline. You Rock!
- Donna -

Over the years, I have participated in many different corporate and individual training sessions on setting goals and finding my path. Coaching with Caroline has been the most effective resource in really defining my mission and vision for my life. She professionally guides you to create a plan and gently keeps you on track. I wish I had found her coaching 10 years earlier!! She is amazing.
- Elizabeth -

Caroline is a fantastic coach! She worked with me for twelve weeks and each session I walked away feeling refreshed, renewed, and reenergized. I found myself counting down the hours until our next session as I looked forward to her energy and enthusiasm. Caroline truly believes in coaching and the power that it offers every individual she works with. I recommend her 110%!
- Amanda -

I was going through a difficult time, in my couple as well as in transitioning from having children home to them being in school all day. Caroline supported me in finding directions that have helped me at many levels. I can now visualize the future in a bright and energetic way.
- D.D.P -

Caroline became my coach and helped me to get over the obstacles I had in starting up my business. As my two young boys are getting older, I am transitioning from being a full time mother to a full time mother with a small business. The steps to that goal almost seemed too large to manage, but Caroline moved me toward that goal one step at a time and before I knew it, there I was, a mom with her business ready to go.
- Karen -

Thank you so much for today! I have to tell you I am already seeing immediate results... my mom called today and for the first time in a very long time, we had a lovely conversation! You helped something shift!
- E. -

Thank you for being an awesome coach! You've helped me move forward with many of the goals and ideas that I've had and I can't wait to see what I can accomplish with your help in the next month.
- A.V -

Caroline, just a quick email to convey all my gratitude to you... ever since we met and uncovered "Abundance, Creativity, Freedom and Joy"... I have been at such peace and complete real-ness with my life. I don't know exactly how to describe it other than to say I feel at home with who I am. I love it! You are such a catalyst for helping me find that... You're amazing! Merci!
- Anne -

Hello Caroline. I wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful coach … gently persistent and never judgmental. These past few months of coaching sessions have not only helped me be better organized and more productive, they have inspired me to really reach for my dreams and believe that I can make them come true! Thank you, again.
- Valerie -


Caroline advanced from sales representative to Vice President of the company. (...) Her client retention ran at about 100%, diminished only through natural attrition. (...) She was always impressive, always willing to "go the extra mile", and never one to let a little adversity get in her way. (...) She exhibited an unbending commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity. The company was a model of best practices, in no small part because of her presence. (...) She always showed a great willingness to think in new and evolved ways without the burden of gripping the status quo as a fail-safe. (...) Caroline's combination of high standards of integrity and loyalty, a ferocious skill-set, and her ever joyous, positive outlook proved to be not only effective, but also made for great fun.
- E.B. Hawkins, CEO of Delaware Broadcasting Company -

Caroline's skill of understanding the clients' need was quickly noted. In addition to her busy sales career she voluntarily assumed responsibility for total client satisfaction and success by maintaining a broad view of the client needs and desires. Her basic caring and understanding give her the tools with which to help others succeed.
- Sally V. Hawkins, President of Delaware Broadcasting Company -

When one is looking for a life and transition coach, one looks for someone who embodies an optimistic - almost spiritual - approach to life and living. Caroline Large is that kind of person. She has a zest for life, a fundamental perkiness that is sure to stir your soul. I knew her as a sales person - and sales manager - at a local radio station. She brought energy - and occasionally a little impishness - into every room! That may account as to why she was such a successful sales person before embarking on another stage of her life's journey.
- Allan Loudell, News Anchor - Reporter-Blogger, 1150 A.M., WDEL; former Program Manager, WILM

"Coaching takes you from being functional to optimal," says Caroline Large of A La Carte Coaching. "It’s very action-packed and sustainable." But, she cautions, it’s not for wimps. "You really want to have the courage to look at yourself, and that’s not always an easy thing to do," she says. "It takes guts to do that."
DELAWARE TODAY - "Taking Care of Yourself" by Suzanne Sczubelek Herel - Read online

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