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Are your kids conflicted? Lacking self-confidence? Stressed? Anxious? Give them the tools to empower themselves!

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Tweens/Teens Core Values

“Discover yourself!”

As amazing as it is for us to watch our children grow, their tween/teen years are a conflicted time... for them and for us! They are exploring who they are, what they want and how to fit in. They’re often in conflict with themselves, their family, school and even friends. They lack self-confidence and have mood swings. They worry and experience anxiety, stress and fear. They can feel lost and alone, and for some of them, it can lead to destructive behavior.

So, what if we could give them access to who they truly are, at their core, behind all the chaos? What if that could help them find purpose? That’s what the Core Values do. It allows true self-expression, freedom, self-confidence, and provides stress and anxiety release. Like my daughter (12) shares:

“My Values have helped me through tough times or when I’m taking a test. They help me feel less nervous and think straight when I am stressing.”


That’s because when our Core Values are expressed, we are aligned with our authentic self, which allows ALL aspects of our life to fall into place and flow more smoothly... like flowing down river instead of paddling against the current.

“The Values made me feel more connected to myself and help me make better decisions. I know I’ll be happy with my decisions because they will be in line with my Core Values.”
- (A.S.H., 14) -

What is true for us, is true for them. And in some ways, they need it even more than we do!

The workshop also emphasizes that we all have choices in life and that they have the power to choose well, feel responsible for themselves and develop confidence. As Ivy (11) says:

“I’ve been happier since I discovered my Values because I can remind myself of them when I’m feeling upset, and that it’s my choice to feel that way. Every time I think of my Core Values, I feel a little spark of joy!”

They realize that they have choices, no one is to blame, and it provides empowerment. It all becomes an opportunity to learn, and it helps them make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives, like A. H. (17) who says:

“I had to make some important decisions regarding my future, but had no idea on where to go. When I came out of the session, I immediately knew what was right for me, and it helped me make my college decision.”


I am proud to be able to contribute to some of our kids’ happiness, to ease their anxiety, to show them how to trust themselves and choose a path they love. Because tomorrow, they will be the leaders of our world, and it will be great to have them excel and radiate confidence and joy!



They will gain a profound experience of freedom, empowerment and joy, ready to face challenges in a new and powerful way, and design a life they choose!


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