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Bonjour !

I'm Caroline and I'm thrilled to introduce myself to you.

I was born and raised in France which left a definite imprint on my personality and my life style. I came to the U.S. in 1986 (at the age of 22) as a sabbatical year after graduating from Tourism school. It seemed like a great way to become fluent in English and experience another part of the world. I ended up getting married, getting divorced and deciding to stay on my own and rebuild my life.caroline-large Life Coach
Passion, Joy,
Empowerment & Playfulness

Fort Myers Advice Givers™ Interview

"How to be a Bigger, Better, Faster Version of Yourself"

My first career

I stumbled across it, as it turns out, in news radio... nothing to do with tourism, mind you. Life has a funny way of opening unexpected doors. I started out at the radio station as an advertising sales person. I then took on more responsibilities, including marketing for the station, managing the barter business, and overseeing all the infrastructure projects for the building. Eventually, I was asked to become Vice President. I loved my job, and I was extremely proud of what we stood for, our unmatched level of service, our loyalty and integrity. I loved that we constantly thought outside the box to create innovative solutions for our clients. It was a fun, exciting and phenomenal training experience that allowed me to grow as a powerful human being. In 2004, the painful decision was made to sell the radio station. However, at this time, I also learned that I was pregnant, so it was on to the next exciting phase of my life.

Oh yes, let me fill in some blanks... Second career

In 2001, I met my present husband, a wonderful, loving and supportive man. Since I was 40 at the time I became pregnant, we agreed that it was good timing to start my second career. I became a full-time mom and remained so until our daughter started kindergarten. I loved that job too, and really appreciated the opportunity to watch her grow and not miss a thing. Our daughter is a true gift and joy.

My third career

And now it's time for me to begin on the journey of my third career. While I worked at the radio station, I spent ten years participating in various life and leadership seminars, as well as coaching many of them. This was one of my true passions, and as I began exploring possibilities for a new career path, I realized that helping others achieve their goals was what I wanted to do. My many life experiences, transitions, heartbreaks, and achievements had taught me many valuable lessons, and I was ready to take the next step. It was time to reorganize my life, one more time, and I enrolled in one of the best coaching programs in the country (iPEC) and got my certifications. Its level of commitment, professionalism and excellence mirror my own, and have prepared me to effectively coach others towards their goals.

Passion, Joy, Empowerment and Playfulness

What I embody is “Passion, Joy, Empowerment and Playfulness,” and what I provide is contagious joy and energy that enables others to re-ignite the fire within! And, to me, there is nothing like watching someone "bloom," witnessing an individual reaching his or her potential and achieving his or her goals and dreams. It feels like coaching is in my blood, it's part of who I am. It gives me incredible joy, fulfillment and happiness. My style is direct and forthright, yet respectful and non-judgmental, and has been referred to as "refreshing and quite effective."


Now, it's time for us to meet. Let's talk and see if we're a good fit.
I'd love working with you!

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