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Have You Lost Track of Who You Are?
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Core Values Discovery

Our busy lives demand much from us, and our various responsibilities require us to keep many balls in the air. In other words, we learn to become master jugglers.

Get the kids to school – don’t forget the deadline – pick up the dry cleaning – work all day – shop – dance practice – homework – exercise - dinner on the table – bath time – bedtime stories – fall down exhausted … I’m sure this routine sounds all too familiar to many of you. Is it any wonder that we often feel like we’ve lost track of who we are and what we want out of life?

By embarking on a Core Values Discovery, you will rediscover the real you and pinpoint your core values. A core value is a way of being that drives you and makes you unique. When your core values are expressed in your life, you will be aligned with your authentic self, allowing ALL aspects of your life to fall into place and flow more smoothly … like flowing down river instead of paddling against the current.


With the Core Values Discovery, you will:

Life will never be the same. You will gain a profound experience of freedom, empowerment and joy, ready to face challenges in a new and powerful way, and design a life you choose!


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The impact it had:

The core value exercise was extremely insightful and amazingly helpful. My husband found it instrumental in making a decision concerning the direction of his career.
Anne Laure

When I took the Core Values discovery I did not know what to expect. By the end, I could not believe how exhilarating it was to come up with my value words. Now I refer to these words whenever I am planning or working through something important. It really helps me to focus and keep a perspective that is distinctively mine.

Working with Caroline has helped me create a focus in my life, which has empowered me in my work and in my personal life, to advance toward my dreams with total clarity and become much more successful.

I found the Core Values exercise very enlightening and liberating. The “inner” me was there all along, but had been buried under what others thought was important or “right”. This exercise re-introduced me to my ideals, my priorities for living a full life.

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