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Caroline-Large-Life-CoachWorkshops are a great way to be introduced to coaching while sharing the experience with a group and remaining on a smaller budget. It creates strong bonds among the group members and it’s usually very energetic and fun.

I offer many workshops on a variety of subjects. The most popular ones are “Core Values Discovery”, “Juicy Relationships”, “A Vibrant Life”, “Clean It Up”, “Expectations”, and “Your Happiness Necklace”.

If you wish to schedule and host your own workshop, I will come to you and deliver it, either in the privacy and comfort of your home, at your business, or in my office. Some workshops may already be scheduled for you to join in.

Please contact me to discuss your preferences.


I was so inspired after attending one of Caroline's Core Values workshops that I was eager to share my experience. So I hosted a workshop with family and friends at my home and was thrilled to be a part of the discovery of their Core Values.
- Jennifer -

I first met Caroline when I attended a workshop on "Relationships" held at the Brandywine YMCA. I was actually attending this workshop at the request of a dear friend. You see, I had a habit of withdrawing, making excuses whenever possible, in order to not do things.

Caroline has opened my eyes to the extraordinary person that resides within my own self. She is able to provide such clarity where there may have once been confusion. She has helped me uncover qualities I only thought I might possess.


I would strongly recommend you take that first step forward, listen to the dynamic words that Caroline has to offer, I promise you will not regret your decision.
- Nina -

Core Values Discovery

"Re-invent yourself & Re-ignite your life!"

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Discover the “real you“ and pinpoint your Core Values.

When your core values are expressed, you will be aligned with your authentic self, allowing ALL aspects of your life to fall into place and flow more smoothly … like flowing down river instead of paddling against the current.

You will leave with a profound experience of freedom, empowerment and joy, ready to face challenges in a new and powerful way!

Tweens/Teens Core Values Workshop

“Discover yourself!”

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The Tweens/teens Core Values workshop will give your conflicted kids access to who they truly are, at their core, behind all the chaos they experience. It allows true self-expression, freedom, self-confidence, and provides stress and anxiety release. The workshop also emphasizes that we all have choices in life and that they have the power to choose well, feel responsible for themselves and develop confidence.

They will gain a profound experience of freedom, empowerment and joy, ready to face challenges in a new and powerful way, and design a life they choose!

Juicy Relationships

"Re-ignite the spark!"

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In today’s hectic life, it’s often difficult to juggle
between all our priorities and keep focusing
on our partner like we did at the beginning of the relationship.

Old fights, resentments and things unsaid can also weigh us down and create “baggage”.

This workshop is designed to go back to the basics, in simple ways, in order to reconnect with your partner and nurture a healthy and happy relationship.

A Vibrant Life!

"Rewrite the rules for your life!"

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Imagine what your life could look like without frustration,
anxiety or stress. Imagine having a GREAT career; GREAT relationships with your spouse, your family, and your friends; a life lived completely with true happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. Envision what a great life would look like for you!

We will discuss the 7 lenses through which you see your world, talk about the hidden patterns that keep you settling for “good enough” in life, instead of going for “great!” We will look at how to get more done with less effort and stress, and reach higher levels of success in communication, relationships, finances, career and more.

Your Happiness Necklace

"Re-claim true happiness!"

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Our overly busy lives make it easy for us to get caught up in the daily bustle, forgetting what's truly important to us.

In this workshop you’ll explore what happiness is for you, how to attain it and how to have an abundance of it in your life. It will help you discover your personal joy and fulfillment... because we all deserve to be happy!

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